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Email Author: Kristin Marino
Story Posted: 5/28/2008 12:42 pm

Wedding hairstyles range from elaborate to simple

The question when it comes to wedding hairstyles is, “Up or down, straight or curly?” Some brides opt for an elaborate updo for the big day while others prefer business as usual. Whether up, down, curly or straight, most brides want a style that’s special — but they still want to feel and look like themselves.

To updo or not to updo

While some brides desire elaborate updos, many are choosing to wear their hair up but loose and relaxed. Stylist Rose Knab of Rhapsody salon said that updos are very versatile and work equally well for formal and casual weddings.

Knab recently styled a bride’s hair in an updo “knot.” She looped the bride’s hair and pulled it through to make a loose knot. Once the hair is pulled into the knot, “you can leave the edges as-is for a carefree, youthful look,” Knab said. She suggested using a curling iron to soften hair ends for a more polished and elegant look.

Hair ornamentation is big, and Knab used hair crystals in the style she created.

“They look like tiny diamonds and were twisted around the knot,” she said. “It really polishes off the look.”

For this particular hairstyle, a veil was worn for the ceremony and taken off for the reception.

“The diamonds kept everything polished but a bit less formal without the veil, which was perfect for the reception,” Knab said. “That’s when the hair crystals really made an impact.”

Leave it down

Many brides prefer to stay close to their regular style while adding a special touch or two. There are many beautiful options for brides who choose to wear their hair down.

For an outdoor wedding, real or silk flowers worn in free-flowing hair is modern yet feminine. For Melissa Wilson’s recent outdoor wedding, she wore her bob in loose waves to complement her 1940s-inspired gown. Her hair was swept to one side with a real flower tucked behind her ear.

Hair ornamentation works well for hair worn down as well. A rhinestone clip or jeweled or satin headband with or without veil attached adds a formal feel to a natural style.

And for those who can’t quite decide? Half-up may be the answer. A cascading ponytail or hair brought from the sides and anchored back with flowers or a jeweled clip offers a romantic look. A few soft tendrils around the face will leave the groom speechless.

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