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Email Author: Kristin Marino
Story Posted: 4/30/2008 02:49 pm

Give the gift of dance to your wedding guests

Planning for your reception entertainment consists of more than just throwing down a dance floor and putting a DJ in the corner. Consider the ways you can present your reception dancing as a gift to your guests.

Get ready

Many reception venues have a dance floor in the event area. For those that don’t, several places in town rent them. All Occasion Rentals will deliver a dance floor in three-by-three sections, and set it up and remove it when the event is over. Count on about half of your guests dancing at any one time. Plan on a nine-by-nine section for each couple on the dance floor, and don’t forget the disco ball.

Get set

If you really want your guests to dance the night away, be a good example. Charley Smith, owner and instructor of Dancin’ Partners LLC, believes the first dance for the bride and groom is a special gift to their guests and a moment caught in time they always will remember.

“Sharing their first dance together in the company of those they love is a wonderful experience,” Smith said. “The first dance as husband and wife is an everlasting expression of love and commitment and a memory they will cherish forever.”

According to Smith, most of the dances taught at Dancin’ Partners LLC for the first dance are the foxtrot, the waltz and the nightclub two-step. All of these dances are done to slower, romantic music that fits beautifully with the first dance.

“But we’ve also done first dances to the tango, the paso doble and the rumba, all of which create an exciting and festive nature, and bring out the true spirit of the bride and groom,” she said.


Merrily Rocco of Merrily Wed, Wedding Design & Coordination in Lake Tahoe said that just about every wedding she’s coordinated has had “lots of dancing.” She agrees reception dancing makes for great memories.

“How often will you get a photo of a grandfather dancing with a great-granddaughter?” Rocco said. “It’s a bonding time, and surprisingly, some of the most memorable moments for the bride and groom of their reception as well.”

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